Technology & media usage habits changed due to COVID-19 situation

COVID-19 lockdown, quarantine period, technology usage

210+ countries and territories are affected by coronavirus COVID-19 around the world which is originated from Wuhan, China. Therefore, most of the countries are under lockdown which shown the significant habitual change of technology and media usage, people are using more media technology like broadcast TV, music streaming, online press, video games, and radio. Big … Read more Technology & media usage habits changed due to COVID-19 situation

Is Coronavirus making us more Conscious, good or bad?

COVID-19, medical sector technology, Coronavirus

World facing major crisis-related capitalism weather at the same time all countries are addressing the immediate health emergency solutions to build a strong medical system not only for the specific countries but for all of us as a humanity. People have become more conscious in their daily lives, people around the world are taking precautions … Read more Is Coronavirus making us more Conscious, good or bad?

3D Printing Revolution

3D printing, 3D printers machines

It’s a Revolution, yes it is, I believe so, we can do 3D printing with the help of 3D printers, specializations of the printer are print can be in any forms, using materials like clay and resin, and print objects, partially possible to print all possible forms. Therefore it will change the whole Airplane and … Read more 3D Printing Revolution

Virtual reality

virtual reality games, augmented reality, 3d games

As I mentioned in the beginning that technology is based on the natural frequency which is very dense to measure, in addition, the world already has several satellites to enable the process of the invisible ecosystem of the planet Earth by using infrared technology. Now, using AI technology frequency we could go more intense until … Read more Virtual reality

Robotics & world

AI technology, technicalheed, robotics

With the help of Big Data and information, there are several opportunities in front of the world to design and develop the software to ease the human daily lives. Like electric car engines, self – driving cars, solar lights, and robots to make the planet earth healthy with sustainability.  According to Alphabet CEO (Mr. Sunder … Read more Robotics & world

Artificial Intelligence nature-based concept

AI origination, technicalheed, technology

The history of A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) is quite impressive, Let’s begin with how AI originated from. According to the experts, a frequency caused by the collision of two black holes which is measured by scientist’s equipment called LIGO(the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observator) the first direct detection of gravitational waves disgorged by a black hole merger in … Read more Artificial Intelligence nature-based concept

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