Mercedes-Benz launched a new fully electric vehicle EQC with Hybrid technology

EQC, electric vehicle, hybrid technology

The world is slowly emerging to start using a new technology combination of intelligence in every field, automobile industry act as an engine of economy for all countries weather it helps in transportation for goods and products into their markets before reaching the end-users destinations. Mercedez-Benz EQ launched the first fully electric vehicle equipped with MBUX (Mercedez-Benz … Read more Mercedes-Benz launched a new fully electric vehicle EQC with Hybrid technology

Hybrid Intelligence System

Hybrid Technology, Hybrid Intelligence Systems

Hybrid Intelligence System is based on many combinations of methods and techniques from AI workflow, with the help of a standardized hierarchy system from cognitive science view-point is every performing mental operations level including symbolic and subsymbolic Is a hybrid, also called natural intelligence system. similarly, one of the technique is the connectionist expert system to … Read more Hybrid Intelligence System

Google Ads changing with AI

Google adwords expert, SEO expert, SMO, relevant keywords

Google AdWords is a system to advertise which is based on certain keywords on google search engine results in a link to data workflow, Google AdWords also a platform for businesses to showcase their product and services by focusing on people’s constant search online and redirect to their websites. However, Now Google Ads become smarter and can … Read more Google Ads changing with AI

AI modified digital marketing

Digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, Google ads

Digital marketing is one of the platforms on which all small and medium sizes businesses are dependent on their return of investment (ROI) or to grow their product’s sales. While standard marketing might be existing in paper ads, face to face marketing, or telecommunication, digital marketing can take place electronically and online. However, there are … Read more AI modified digital marketing

Technology changing our food to protect the environment

Food and Environment

Since the fast-food started in 1948, food quality getting worst day by day which directly affects people’s health. Recently, many doctors believe that the combination of exercises and maintaining a diet with reducing meat consumption and turn to become forwarding giving preference to eat vegetables would be beneficial for humans in terms of health. However, it also … Read more Technology changing our food to protect the environment

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