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Mercedes-Benz launched a new fully electric vehicle EQC with Hybrid technology

The world is slowly emerging to start using a new technology combination of intelligence in every field, automobile industry act as an engine of economy for all countries weather it helps in transportation for goods and products into their markets before reaching the end-users destinations. Mercedez-Benz EQ launched the first fully electric vehicle equipped with MBUX (Mercedez-Benz User Experiences) infotainment system, which provides the access including optional to choose the world’s largest charging networks “with more than 300 different charging stations in Europe alone (cities, car parks, motorways, shopping centers, car dealership showrooms, etc,)” however, each provider would have an opportunity to provide integrated payment function as a subscription billing services which allows the system to authenticate customer through apps or inbuild recognize chip functions connected under 5G functional umbrella could allow end-users to experience a smooth process while charging their vehicles.

The Mercedez-Benz of electric vahicle, EQC , Hybrid Technology
Three-Pointer Star, EQC

Also, the electric vehicle EQC’s technology has brilliant capabilities to learn patterns and using signalized data memory to instruct the three-pointer star car’s functions, while maintaining maximum efficiency with the ECO assist system. Car’s settings give more features to manage the vehicle’s charge status, energy flow, range display, and drive system wheels provide functioning the fast charge from 10 to 80 percent in 40 minutes. To control the whole functionality on the level of the user experience(UX), high-resolution wide touchscreen helps to run the operation until to reach the destination luxuriously. 

Hybrid technology vehicles could influence the markets with improving transportation efficiency with a trackable system, and able to give broad connectivity between end-users and manufacturers. 3D technology has beyond capabilities to provide entitled to create perfect shape and design, which helps vehicle’s manufacturer products to stand on Six-Sigma quality assurance.“the EQC is poised to conquer any highway” 

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