Hybrid Technology, Hybrid Intelligence Systems

Hybrid Intelligence System

Hybrid Intelligence System is based on many combinations of methods and techniques from AI workflow, with the help of a standardized hierarchy system from cognitive science view-point is every performing mental operations level including symbolic and subsymbolic Is a hybrid, also called natural intelligence system. similarly, one of the technique is the connectionist expert system to understand and learn the network algorithms which convert the expertise to make it understandable for the end-user. However, this opens an opportunity for other techniques to optimizing access to human intelligence, whether it helping the system to solve the tasks or perform according to the “Learning How to Act” strategy. An example, self-driving car learning paths and ways from the map direction apps or Taxi (Cab) apps system, like Google Maps, Uber, Ola Cabs, and GetTaxi app could allow to make some of the methodologies easier to understand for the end-user experience with functionality in near future.

Hybrid Technology, Hybrid Intelligence System
Tesla Motors, Electric cars, Hybrid Technology

From the receiving instructions initiate by human input through the translation system, the Task Design process helping to mitigate errors with enhance performance on the bases of relevant study data and pass to several models in proceeding for further studies with AI systems. Now, automobile industries are slowly introducing the Hybrid technology with intelligence products into the market, there are two types of Hybrid Technology products are in the market based on PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) methodologies. In India, Tata Motors introduced the first electric model Tiger EV for personal buyers that can go up to 213 KM in one charge and several companies are willing to launch their own models respectively.

Tesla Motors not only initiated long back introducing their electric models into the market but also initiated to invest to build up the whole infrastructure to charge up their electric vehicles which can influence other electric vehicle companies around the world to produce their own electric models into the market to foster the economy in new levels. A study shows that the electric vehicle revolution can help the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions by 66%, although, with the combination of intelligence systems Hybrid technology also an opportunity for other companies related automobile industries who provide additional connected services such as vehicle charging stations, vehicle repair stations, auto-parts stores, and vehicle dealership showrooms to provide new version services experience with end-user. 

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