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Enhancing AI technology performance helping people with disabilities

One billion people around the world are experiencing some form of disability, it’s a more than 15% of the world’s population. Due to these disabilities, there are many barriers for them to access basics services like education and employment. However, building a deep connection between people with disabilities AI technology can improve its own performance and take technology products to the next level of formation. Although, most of the population is living in devolving countries and expecting to grow due to factors such as aging, stunting, and natural disaster.

Now, in developing counties 90% of children with disabilities do not attend schools due to learning difficulties, AI technology can create such tools with the help of AI workflow system which can build a deep connection between people with disabilities and let them help with marginalization, example, an artificial AI technology hand can learn human natural hand’s movements and reactions while storing information in data memory system; hence, altricial technology hand would know when it needs to use those moments to use for future events automatically and collaborate with natural hand to perform the task. Such tools can make life easier for people with disabilities and a pivotal moment to help to make technology better. 

people with disabilities, enhancing the AI technology performance, new AI gadgets, smart technology, smart gadgets
People with disabilities

Similarly, 3D technology and virtual reality technology can contribute to building more such tools to help people with disabilities, products like Motiontion savvy UNI, Solar Ear, ISEEWHATYOUSAY, Heyleight’s Cherished Charms and Robotic Vision for hearing, deaf and visually impaired. Therefore, AI technology tools can help to enable people of disabilities to come out to share their new idea’s to enhance the technology product’s performance to use easier. 

Emotional intelligence helps technology to perceive about Specific Learning Disabilities phases quickly which succor to build technology better for people with disabilities, allowing to break down the barrier for them or their families to guide people with disabilities for assistance with their needs to get a better education with latest technology devices; also, helping them to understand the high-risk situation in the event of an emergency and fostering the work environment which gives them reasonable understanding with technology to contribute their experience to make a better world. 

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