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Technology changing our food to protect the environment

Since the fast-food started in 1948, food quality getting worst day by day which directly affects people’s health. Recently, many doctors believe that the combination of exercises and maintaining a diet with reducing meat consumption and turn to become forwarding giving preference to eat vegetables would be beneficial for humans in terms of health. However, it also helps planet earth to maintain the ecosystem to sustain the life, according to the journal climate change; in 2014 study shows that “the production of animal-based foods is associated with higher greenhouse gas emissions than plant-based foods,” although, it is also an important fact that reducing meat products from the market would be unparalleled times economic situation for the governments. Timely, researchers believe that “ the current warming rate is higher than any observed previously” which would directly impact on world economical structure. 

Meanwhile, the special report on climate change by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) provides details that plant-based diet can play a major role to encourage the world to lead climate change adaptation includes policy recommendations to reduce meat consumption which need to accelerate quickly. On another hand, Technology is playing a major role to give many options for food industries to prepare substitution food products according to people’s habits and body build-up structural needs. Like, GMOs and Precision agriculture are examples of how industries can create nutritious food products and let all animals participate to build up a healthy eco-system on earth.

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Food Technology

Now, with the help of indeed data of human body mechanism and food DNA can help to produce the nutritious food and also clear the next step to evolve. Hence, Ayurveda products and medicines also show researches and results that it also can go beyond improving food products to upgrade medication prompts to connect humans with nature, concludes a win-win situation for all of us on planet earth, and helping to create sustainable economical structure. 

To feed the whole world population with reducing waste of food; protecting environment technology helps to track, analyze, and understand the way our system works like Drones, Internet of Things, Food waste tracking, Hackathons, 3D printing, farm locations, access to recipes and promoting local food. I believe that animals are playing an important role to maintain the eco-system of planet earth and AI technology prowess can help to accelerate reducing meat consumption with the substitution of more vegan products and nutritious food for humans. 

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