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New World, 5G beginning of the beginning

5G technology has started deploying and transforming the world, 5G is the fifth generation technology designed in the standard format of virtual edge connection with everyone and everything like gadgets and electronic objects through the cellular network also called the fifth generation of mobile communication. 

Using sub-6 GHz and mmWave wider bandwidth technologies, 5G is based on OFDM(orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) principals & 5G NR air interface, this technique is to regulate a digital signal across several different channels for further functions to reduce the interference using technology environment RF sensing

However, 5G and 4G LTE OFDM operation based on the same mobile network principle, additional technology the new 5G NR air interface enhances the entire OFDM operation to work with an intense amount of mobility and modularity with using designed techniques, such as a new self-contained TDD subframe. Thus, the network architecture operates to manage software-based applications such as COTS (commercial off the shelf) hardware which allows organizations to design and make easy implementation procedures according to their requirements without any customization; which helps businesses to create their own products to fulfill the demands. 

Therefore, network functions virtualization (NFV) manage these network operations under 5G network slicing procedure which allows not only shared physical infrastructure; although the creation of multiple virtual networks. 

For example, an autonomous bus or car will count on V2X(vehicle-to-anything) communication which will require low latency but not required a high throughput. However, streaming services watched like advertisements, announcement videos, tv programs, movies, and programmed equipment (COVID test gadgets) while the bus is in motion will require high throughput and is allowing to latency. Thus, both would be able to be transmitted signals over the same common physical network slices to improve the efficient use of the physical network. 

5G connectivity, network slicing, automation
5G connectivity

In India, the Indian government issued a  4.0 lockdown procedure due to COVID, which is a great example of using network slicing will maximize the flexibility of the 5G network, optimising both the utilisation of the infrastructure and the allocation of resources. perhaps, I believe so that, India government need to build a strong infrastructure initiate from the ground of villages, as I came from the countryside of the country as well, could able to understand how important the infrastructure should need to implement which will help to build the governments structures to be in more motive and quick to apply for people help to protect from COVID. 

It is very important for telecommunication companies, especially, in Nova Scotia, Canada where I reside currently, also Alexander Graham Bell invention of the telephone took place. Similarly how Brahmagupta invented 0 in India. Telecommunication companies like Bell, Telus, Rogers, Reliance Jio, Airtel, Virgin, Vodafone, and other 40 telcos are to be prepared to move beyond provide the connectivity services.

5G deployment needs to require several technologies for smooth operations to build strong connectivity, such as extensive fabrication and the antennae. To experience a truly 5G will require upwards of 80% fabrication for data movement, although, virtualization requiring is the core and the access with an entirely new orchestration layer to attain the reproving feature of 5G network slicing. 

In the province of Nova Scotia in Canada, the government already started to build infrastructure with an update of parking meters with smart technology which is Sweden-based-Cale-System Inc, to connect with people according to their needs with quality of services.

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