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Hybrid Cloud

Each cloud is unique and can be several providers within public cloud but not only one in a private cloud. The logic behind hybrid cloud is the infrastructure of linkage through cloud architecture between public cloud and private cloud resources which enhance the level of unifying between them in a form of providing flexibility to an organization workload or each application to choose the optimal cloud. For example, if we see water as a data, it can be store in clouds above in the sky as a private cloud and floats on the surface of the earth with streams as a public cloud which constantly moving as a workload accordingly, thus, how nature works with water itself like iteration process, similarly, hybrid cloud offers a connection between the on-premise and public clouds through complex iteration of middleware.

Opensource and cloud architecture are the key to build your own private cloud, perhaps, to build our own private could need to require a public cloud initially. There are several companies who providing cloud services such as Google Cloud offers Dedicated Interconnect & cloud-native platform Anthos, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure offers ExpressRoute, OpenStack provides the OpenStack Public Cloud Passport and IBM cloud.

hybrid cloud, private cloud, public cloud
Public cloud, Private Cloud

Now, to secure and manage the hybrid cloud, a properly designed and integrated system to build the IT infrastructure in a traditional way, on where any organization can get interconnected in an environment to place the sensitive data based on the requirements; which keeps the cloud storage be in a standard format to works smoothly in a controlled way for an audit trail ( internal audit role) to approve with secure cloud computing.

To get more control, snowflakes servers come in a role of a system that requires specific configurations, these parameters are only made to work with the cloud computing system and allow changes on administration level manually called system administrator. It helps to pull out the case is well documented by the product hosted. But In the case of corruption, a new operating system may require to build to restore or replace or in some cases might require to restore and reapplied; it might open the ports to leak the important tweak. However, updates are usually shorts and long-lived.

Therefore, state of servers is providing important informatic streaks from the AppServers those associated with a specific server state. It provides real-time data from the agents reported or related to them. The data also can fluctuate due to changes that allow adding a trim option in AppServer workflow.

Talk box mechanisms and ansible tower are the sources to connect with the server which treat the output in a form of derivable data in a standardized format to choose the correct cloud using hybrid cloud techniques for a smooth workflow.

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