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AI technology end to end implementation workflow

After AI origination, the world got wobble for a while; scientists, researchers, and technologists are still in progress of using AI technology prowess in structural format to create squashy impact into industrial businesses to boost the economy in a new version.

However, AI implementation isn’t difficult to adapt for the enterprises due to the fast adaption procedure but custom development may be expensive for some of the businesses.

Technologists and scientists build categories to use of AI, there are three main categories out of five, such as the Proactive system, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive nature.

Big data, machine learning
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Proactive Analytics system

Proactive analytics can be ‘Actionable Intelligence’, AI proactive analytics based on real-time data from loT sensors which is continual functional equipment. Thus, major mega-companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook already using proactive analytics into their working strategies to analyzing data and accumulate it into compositions to present their ability in front of users or customers as a form of products & services.

Siri in iOS9 is based on proactive intelligence which recognizes and suggests users on the bases of their recent search results, recent call logs, music playlist choices, unknown calls information, traffic updates, and many more according to end-user actions. Similarly, Amazon- Alexa, and Google- Home, work on the same bases of Pattern Recognition system.

Major mega-companies continuously investing in a proactive analytics system to implement in their management software & CRM’s to enhance the ability to find hidden trends in massive troves of data from users and occupants. Such as Google using software to educate their advisors to operate their automated search engine systems to help their users to get the educational messages. Thus, it helps Google’s advertisers to showcase their ads to relevant audiences those actively looking for similar services from those advertisers are providing; it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Recently, India and Stanford University developed an app (Covid Watch and Aarogya Setu) to fight with COVID-19 using an open-source protocol technology called Bluetooth which is the verge of occupant’s privacy in term of using smart technology in any shape. However, after network and data policies become in a position to make the structure of data sensor super secure which is based on a proactive analytics system. A similar event such as when Ayurveda medicines and India submitted the samples to the International Journal of Educational Research for extravasation of the human protein from the COVID-19 protein or cross-breeze way.

On the other hand, many other software companies are on the process of implementing AI in their organization accordingly including governments in their systems to make cost-effective.

AI Implementation

Predictive analytics system

It’s a malfunction of using historical data for future events to predict. This is the predictive model to use the information from previous data and captures important trends to build the mathematical models to accumulate it in the form of understanding in the proactive analysis.

The predictive analytics system is one of the famous in industrial revolution participants, as it has capabilities to existing solutions and keeps producing important data to evaluate and increase of occupant’s demands with correct format. Thus, Predictive analytics performs an important role in the areas of Big data and machine learning system which use as predictive maintenance, can apprehend for equipment failure, providing quality assurance products and help to reduce operational cost for many companies like IBM, Amazon (AWS), Salesforce, Deloitte and Microsoft (Azure).

Therefore, industries are in the process of investing in the implementation of AI to produce higher quality products and services to meet the demands on the bases of Anomaly detection. Weather, many AI software vendors from companies and AI operational vendors like Google Cloud Partnership (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are creating an encore impact into industrial management systems like log management, event alerts managements, and incident problem management.

In addition, the process will help to detect the impartial events which could make the end process more efficient in the proportion of accuracy.

Prescriptive analytics system

Prescriptive analytics is the branch of data making decision control process for optical outcomes. The process uses rules-based and optimization techniques for decision making and these optimization techniques are based on programmings like linear programming, integer programming, and nonlinear programming, however, rules-based techniques are based on inference engines, scorecards, and decision trees. Data first type of application makes the whole model to the collation of decisions for better and better outcomes.

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