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Stanford University developed Covid Watch app using AI technology

To protect communities and families without interfering with people’s privacy or personal data, Stanford University developed Covid Watch app using machine learning technology. Works as a safeguard for people’s privacy through an open-source protocol using Bluetooth.

Covid Watch app acknowledge individuals by using Bluetooth signals and detect if app users were in contact with personage later to have confirmed COVID-19. However, Covid Watch is one of the first groups that collaborating with MIT’s and SafePaths and CoEpi to meet standard protocols within governance as well to release an open-source protocol for privacy-preserving, decentralized Bluetooth contact tracing.

Covid Watch App

Recently, India officially launched the similar app called name as Aarogya setu (‘A bridge of health’ which translates from Sanskrit), Aarogya setu app shares the data with the government if someone has been tested positive for coronavirus or have been close contact with a person who found out to be tested positive under the guidelines of data privacy policies mentioned in app terms that not sharing with the third party.

Aarogya setu app, Covid Watch, coronavirus
Aarogya Setu App

App has several more features with providing and getting more information about individual health conditions for governments to be prepared to help everyone with full potential. Therefore, hospitals and the medical sector will be prepared already for everyone before reaching the hospitals and clinics accordingly with patient health situations. There are many more technologies to come in the near future in the medical sector which change the whole complete structure.

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