statue of unity, a founding the father of Republic of India

Selling world’s tallest statue online could be redefined data protection & network security structure

In India, an online fraudster who tried selling the world’s largest statue(”Statue Of Unity”) for $4 billion, the statue is staunch on the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first deputy prime minister of India know as the founding father of the nation. The online fraudster claimed to attain the amount to deposit into the PM fund relief program through the Gujrat state government to help people during the lockdown period fighting against the novel COVID-19.

However, online fraudsters tried to provide schemes like free mobile recharges, free Netflix subscriptions to obtain as much as funds, In addition, federal home ministry officials state that 86% rise in cybercrime during the ongoing coronavirus situation. According to recorded 8300 complained across India and NRI who donated thousands of dollars into the fake account, officials said. Also, ensuring and establish a new strong network structure to ensuring the legitimate donations can be verified, weather, blocked all handles with permutation, and combination of the ‘PM Cares Fund’ that were illegitimate.

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As watchful, CERT-In, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, and ReBIT, the technology arm of Reserve Bank of India release the notice about online threats and scams and warned all financial institutions to be aware of online business transactions.

Therefore, it also can change the Adequacy policies to protect the consumer and individual data online in depth which could impact companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, who use data for marketing and advertising purposes.

It is interesting of this changing to be in the process while AI implementation in governments also is in the particular stage, after this biggest scam selling “statue of unity” online, recently, Facebook (who connects people) invested $5.7 billion in India’s Jio Platform, part of Reliance Industries Limited, Making Facebook its largest minority shareholder.

Jio has brought more than 338 million people online in less than four years, boosting the connection between friends and family in an innovative way, weather, more than 560 million people have gained access to the internet in just five years in India which generates more opportunities for the new businesses in all sizes. However, during this global pandemic, it is very important for companies like Facebook and Jio to establish the layout to help people and businesses with the criteria of certain data protection policies which allows other companies to invest and generate sustainable economies in the near future.

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