COVID-19 lockdown, quarantine period, technology usage

Technology & media usage habits changed due to COVID-19 situation

210+ countries and territories are affected by coronavirus COVID-19 around the world which is originated from Wuhan, China. Therefore, most of the countries are under lockdown which shown the significant habitual change of technology and media usage, people are using more media technology like broadcast TV, music streaming, online press, video games, and radio.

Big Data technology plays a very important role under these circumstances, weather, it is helping to understand people technology usage behavior and demands, preparing for the future business to provide that significant data for production in a stable manner which leads to maintaining the economic stability globally with limited material used to protect the environment at the same time.

To understand the people views and thoughts, these are the best methods, however, companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon are the main source of to convert information into data compositions within under government Adequacy of policies, procedures, and guidelines, still in some countries and companies are under obligation mode which could be a part of government implementation procedure. These implications are to protect & security purposes for every individual, according to Speakingtree “some sources as well as the ancient epic of the Mahabharat and the numerous Puranas, Bharata was the Emperor of India, therefore, India is regarded as Bharat; The English name of Bharat is India on the basis of Indusvally so Sindh Upatyala”. King Bharata is an ideal example of governance that helped everyone individually within all circumstances, similarly like the Adequacy of policies for everyone.

COVID-19 & media, technicalheed, technology revolution

Following, many businesses will use the data which is observing deeply with the policies during the COVID-19 period of time. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Facebook games online, PlayStation games and Youtube videos, are examples who will be using behavior data and a process of technology implementation in the initial stage to help people to use new technology exposure in their COVID-19 conscious period of time. In addition, I personally believe that some companies will start introducing more technology products from AI in the market after the change of government structure with the help of data.

In the conclusion of habits, simultaneously, there are so many changes that are noticing within the planet Earth eco-system, as China is the world’s busiest industrial & manufacturing hub and consideration for one of the contributors to greenhouse gases globally. However, in the month of February 2020, satellite images are shown a drastic decline NO₂ emission level; not even in China, after the pandemic changes are clearly visible from space that NO₂ emission got cut down which can be a good sign of stable economy globally.

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