virtual reality games, augmented reality, 3d games

Virtual reality

As I mentioned in the beginning that technology is based on the natural frequency which is very dense to measure, in addition, the world already has several satellites to enable the process of the invisible ecosystem of the planet Earth by using infrared technology. Now, using AI technology frequency we could go more intense until the invisible radiation become reality know as Augmented reality. 

On the other hand, Virtual reality means creating a user immersion in a 3D virtual world in which the user can move and interact. Similarly, users can use Augmented reality to use the real world to display 2D or 3d information such as images, numbers, and texts with which many businesses or the user itself can also interact. It is as similar like you see in front of you and adding some text or sculptures, could use these techniques for designing the gaming world or could be useful for managing the business world workload for their employees and providing them more accuracy in a standard format. 

virtual reality games, augmented reality, 3d games

There are especially many virtual reality headsets are available out in the market, and some augmented reality or mixed reality headsets are also available. Like: The Oculus Rift (Facebook’s virtual reality headset), Sony’s Project Morpheus using mostly for PS4, The Vive of HTC & Valve, Samsung’s Gear VR, The Google Cardboard, Hololens From Microsoft and Acer Windows Headset. Hence, later or soon smartphones are designing and developing these techniques into their program, especially with their camera’s into the 3D camera will also be a new human-machine interface with gestural or facial recognition is already.

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