big data, data storage, AI data

Big Data usage

Big Data plays a very important role in day-today technology usages, Big Data introduces as a very large set of data. The world is using such kind of technology to store the data of emails, social media storage, online articles and videos, satellite signals. 

Big Data is capable of the process a large amount of data and analyzing it with a standardized structure that can extract data into screening paths to study more in detail. These sorts of details & information used in many sectors like health, financial, advertising, marketing, automobile, and science & technology.

big data, data storage, AI data
Big Data, AI data process, information storage


Experts believe that Big Data can be related as a gold of the digital era. 

At this time, most of the data using by some of the companies like Google(with Gmail, Google search engine, youtube), Facebook(with Instagram and Whatsapp), Amazon( with Amazon Prime, Amazon web services) and Microsoft. All of these major companies are accumulating the data to process it with the goal of keeping their users in flow with their terms in order to accumulate the maximum amount of data to monetize with their advertisers.

Future stepped in already, Big Data can be used in the medical sector by creating new treatments. Weather, if consider the current situation of Novel COVID-19 around the world, this is the worst Pandemic the whole world has ever seen so far. However, A.I. and Big Data taking into consideration big time with many precautions in a timely manner, as Big Data associated with machine learning, helping in analyzing and extract the detailing of making COVID-19 vaccine procedure

This is the start of the changing and implementation of A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) technology which leads to change the whole structure of the world even the Planet Earth itself. Like how mother needs to take care of her self before giving birth to a child, similarly, humans need to protect themselves from such kind of diseases or be prepare to get treated by future medicines which would be processed after this COVID-19 pandemic, this indicates that the whole medical sector would change with new technology and medicines. 

Later, Humans will be focused on implementing new technology like Big Data to other various sectors like agriculture, financial and especially marketing(digital marketing). Big data is associated with deep learning procedure, it will lead us to help differentiate the different types of data including shapes, colors, and indications on images or videos. 

The Internet would be the biggest source of collecting information to form Big Data in the coming future. 

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